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A car loan can be a daunting prospect, but we’ve reinvented the process and streamlined things each step of the way. We ensure that the very best auto financing is available to you regardless of your credit situation. Just Call the Used Car Financing Hotline now 1-877-474-7887 and get the funding you need, so you can get behind the wheel as soon as possible. Your business is important to us, therefore we are committed to working hard to get you the very best finance rates.

In life things happen, illness, divorce and loss of work. Everybody deserves a second chance in our opinion! At Lindo Tibbs Auto Sales, we treat every customer with the dignity they deserve. Our used vehicle loan can change your credit life and get you driving before you now it…

Our Service
We provide Used Car Financing and Great Quality Used Vehicles to willing customers in the Halifax/Sackville, Nova Scotia area for over 20 years. If you have been turned down before for a car loan, we can help!

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Regardless of your credit, our car loans report monthly to both credit bureaus. Every month you make your payment on time, your credit rating reflects this. Car loans from Lindo Tibbs Auto Sales are probably the best and quickest way to re-establish your credit, thus opening more doors for you!

Service area
Servicing Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Lower Sackville, Truro, Kentville, Cape Breton and all of Nova Scotia. We offer Free Delivery to most parts of Nova Scotia because we value your business.